Join Us On This 4-Day 'Rocking Your Midlife' Retreat

Regain Your Power, Clarity & Joy of Life — And Learn Not To Settle For Less Ever Again

SARDINIA, ITALY | 16-19 MAY 2019

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You will experience a powerful combination of work and play: meditation, yoga, coaching (lifestyle and money mindset), nature and healthy, delicious foods. Once you’re done with workshops, you can visit the local beaches or simply relax by the pool — the choice is yours. In the evenings you will have the pleasure of experiencing the beautiful locally sourced 4-course cuisine and, of course, local wine!  

You will treat yourself to a beautiful, luxurious accommodation with excellent coaches and teachers (flown in from London) *and* a group of women who are ready to take things to the next level… Because you were never meant to figure it all out on your own.  

This hideaway is designed to help you reconnect with yourself — or even reinvent yourself, if that’s where you are currently at in life.  

It’s for you whether you’re currently ‘doing alright’ or going through a major life change.  

It’s to help you immerse yourself in this profound experience of self-care, self-acceptance and self-respect — and remind yourself what it feels like to be empowered.  

By the end of the 4 days you’ll feel rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to dive into the next chapter of your life with clarity.  


1. CLARITY | You’ll get a precious time out of your every day, to focus on YOU instead of others. You’ll be able to reflect on your life purpose, health, relationships, career, finances and your personal growth. 2. GUIDANCE | To help you realise and accomplish your (new) goals and priorities, you will be provided with coaching tools, methods and resources. Including group workshops and a 1-1 session with a coach of your choice. 3. RESET | We’re all about work *and* play. That’s why you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful location, delicious food and extra, fun activities: swimming pool, walks in nature, horse therapy, beach time and much much more.

4. CONNECTION | It’s a very small retreat for women only. We want to make sure that you’ll be able not only to fully relax or share the most vulnerable stories, but maybe even make new and inspiring friendships.  

5. SUPPORT | You will get access to a private support Facebook group of people who refuse to settle for less. This is where you’ll be able to maintain momentum long after your 4 days away. 


I’m Yvette Puliga — Your host and the organiser behind this retreat.  

As a Inside Out Transformation Mentor of 14 Years I am truly passionate about empowering women and helping them to rewrite the story of their lives. (occasionally, I have a few men that step forward too!)  

My work is holistic. I work with the whole of you: From helping you to redefine your identity, rebuild your confidence, find your purpose, tackle your health, introduce a movement of choice and assist with nutrition as well as helping you to take the necessary steps to achieve a life or business overhaul.  

I consider myself really lucky, as I get to invest my time with women like yourself because if I’m honest, there’s been a few times when my own life has spiraled out of control. Fortunately what has always helped me back to ‘North’ is being able to reach out , and be surrounded with the right kind of people offering the right type of support.  

I have gathered the generic learnings of that support and will be bringing them to you on this retreat.  

So if you’re ready to press reset and reconnect with yourself , for your next life chapter, then being in this 4 day transformational and experiential environment is designed so you will leave feeling surer than you’ve ever been about your wants, needs and desires.  

"Leap and trust that the net will follow" - John Borroughs


At the event you're also going to be guided and supported by these amazing ladies...


Jean is our retreat Savvy Money Mentor, unlike traditional financial specialists Jean has a special gift of helping you to really uncover your personal money story in a way that removes all the anxiety that usually accompanies discussing money (if there’s a lack of it). She provides you with strategies to overcome the money issues that sabotage your relationships, career, business and life goals and also teaches strategies on how to create wealth and abundance.


Kat is our retreat Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher, based in London Kat started her adventure with meditation back in 2011 in Malaysia (where she used to live for 5 years). However, that still didn't save her from making some questionable lifestyle choices... She ended up not only overweight, but also suffering from severe lower back pain (not to mention rock-bottom self-esteem and missing self-love). This is when she decided to try this 'yoga thing' that people were raving about. 5 years, 55lbs lighter, a Certified Yoga Teacher later, she now lives and breathes Yoga, mental health and personal growth. 


Carmen is a specialist retreat photographer, Italian born and passionate about horses. She just jumped at the chance to come and take photographs on a farm where she could also be around horses. She is renowned for helping you get out of your own way whilst being photographed. But relax ladies were not doing photo shoots this time around just capturing the essence of the weekend.


16 - 19 MAY 2019, SARDINIA

Sardinia is all about living to a healthy and happy, old age. It’s known as one of the world’s five “Blue Zones”, where people live longer are healthier than in other places on this planet. Add to it 300 days of sunshine a year… and it feels like the perfect island to host this retreat for women who refuse to settle for less. 

Spend 4 days/3 nights in a beautiful luxurious accommodation, on a sustainable and environmentally-friendly farm in San Vero Milis, Oristano, designed with love and respect for the environment and nature to deepen and expand on your inner and outer self. 

With only 4 guest houses (known as Pinnetta's) the accommodation is exclusively reserved for us. We want to ensure you of a warm, friendly and inclusive environment, where you feel not only like a guest, but also like a friend.  

All rooms are equipped with a spacious bathroom and a large shower, air conditioning, mini bar, pool towels and wi-fi. More about the venue


  • Airport transfer to and from Cagliari Airport, Sardinia (1,5hr car drive) if booked on the recommended flights.  
  • 4-Day and 3-nights stay in luxurious accommodation (each room shared between 2 ladies, with single beds).  
  • A welcome goody bag (did someone say prosecco?!)  
  • Continental breakfast, light lunch and fine dining culinary 4-course evening meal (organic delicious Italian meals) and a complimentary glass of wine each evening.  
  • Daily healthy snacks, protein shakes and herbal teas  
  • Daily guided meditation and yoga sessions (beginner-friendly) by the pool  
  • Engaging mini-workshops on money mindset and management; how to navigate through challenges of (mid)life crisis; how to regain clarity and peace of mind; and more.  
  • One Complimentary Personal (1-1) Coaching session of your choice. Select from: Lifestyle Health & Wellbeing Coach, Money Mentor, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher.  
  • Follow up Facebook Accountability and Support Group to provide support and continued community building.  
  • Plenty of free time in the evening for wine and giggles and chats under the stars  

Afternoon optional activities include: 

  • Guided light trail trekking through the most stunning coastline with scenic sea view and exploration of extraordinary medieval towers.
  • Trip to the local beach 12 km away - Putzu Idu
  • Bring your trainers (if you feel like having a run with me)  

I really hope you’ll be able to join us in this amazing retreat. It will truly be Life-changing and Transformational.  


- Flights - To get preferential rates and a ‘done for you service’ I have arranged for you to book your flights with Nicky Brown Travel Counsellor. Click Here to contact her.

* Flight prices are currently selling from £90 if you book now. However, please be aware that flight prices can increase to approx £275-£300 return. You are advised to book early to benefit from lower air ticket prices. 

All over Body Massage - A range of deep massage therapy is available at special discounted rate 

Horse Therapy - Session with Juan Carlos - horses can hear the human heartbeat within four feet, and research on heart-rate variability indicates that horses have a profound ability to synchronize their own heartbeat with that of a human being. 

 — Photography - Available on this retreat: Your own personal photoshoot with our professional Portrait and Lifestyle photographer A fun experience which may be a healing one too! and you will have a beautiful memory that lasts forever, maybe in a frame in your home, to re-inspire you each time you look at it!  

(*Not all alcoholic drinks are included in the booking price)


We are pleased to offer you a discount per person if you book your retreat within 3 weeks. So, please book now to avoid missing out on this opportunity.

OPTION 1 - £799

Early Bird Price (available until midnight 19/11/2018) Full Pay 

OPTION 2 - 4 x £225

Lazy Early Bird Price (if purchased before 30/12/2018) Installment Options Available

OPTION 3 - £1249

Standard Price (if purchased from 31/12/18-11/03/19) Installment Options Available *A deposit of £350 secures your place on the Standard Booking Full Payment must be made by 11th March 2019 


Please email the host and the organiser — Yvette Puliga — if you have any questions: 

We’re so looking forward to having you join us.  

Itinerary with specific agenda will be published nearer the time.